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Biting the Publisher That Feeds You

For the last decade, college stores have been paranoid about publishers going behind their backs to deliver electronic content directly to students. Although it’s still not a reality that’s come to pass, it may eventually, and when it does “stores won’t offer much value here. Insofar as they ‘collect’ students and shovel them over to…Continue Reading

Used Blues

Used Books Become Newer Every Day, To Many Publishers’ Dismay Days before Bill Clinton’s My Life went on sale last month, a handful of shrewd and Internet-savvy book buyers were auctioning off their copies of this “rare” edition on eBay – and promising to ship the book the day it hit store shelves. That number…Continue Reading

School Daze

Can Textbook E-Tailers Topple Bookselling’s Ivory Tower? Like many Internet business ventures, online textbook retailing undoubtedly seemed like a good idea at the time. An obscenely plump $5 billion industry just begging to be undersold. More than 5 million full-time undergrads and 10 million other higher education students with annual discretionary spending power of a…Continue Reading