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People Roundup, November 2012

PEOPLE Sandy disrupted our office (and schedule), so here’s an update on the last few weeks’ news: It has been announced that Steve Perrine, Publisher of Books, is leaving Rodale. Also as part of the announcement, it has been said that he and David Zinczenko, SVP and Editor-in-Chief of Men’s Health and General Manager of Rodale’s Healthy Living Group, are…Continue Reading

People Roundup, October 2011

PEOPLE Rodale’s Publisher, Karen Rinaldi has left the company following a reorganization.  She may be reached at karen.rinaldi1@gmail.com. David Zinczenko and Steve Perrine will take over the book group.  Top executives Ken Citron and Gregg Michaelson, along with Senior Director Operations Bill Siebert, will also leave the company. Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) has hired Michael…Continue Reading

Google UnBound

The digital conference that Google hosted on January 18 was definitely in the plus ça change mode: the crowd was made up of miscellaneous enthusiasts, with hardly a senior publisher in sight; the speakers were articulate and clever, mostly male and certain they were preaching to the uninitiated (though those may well be the ones…Continue Reading

The Zooba Zeitgeist

As jitters over snail mail consume the media, email marketers have been keen to whisper what amounts to the new gospel in direct-to-consumer marketing: opting-in. Wary of their mailboxes, the theory goes, customers are much more likely to agree to receive promotional messages via email. Whether or not this is actually the case, sagging response…Continue Reading