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Book View, September 2003

PEOPLE As summer winds down, it’s been unusually quiet in publishers’ halls, but look to an interesting Fall, with new positions being created, even as more rounds of layoffs are rumored. Meanwhile: Holt’s Maggie Richards has hired Richard Rhorer as Marketing Director. He was previously Director of Marketing for the Rayo imprint at HarperCollins. ….Continue Reading

When Agents Become e-Publishers, Who Looks Out for the Writers?

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AT INSIDE.COM (11/6/00) Shrewd advocate or two-faced monster? That’s the question currently confronting literary agents, as they depart from their traditional role as authors’ representatives and leap into the bracing — and perhaps perilous — world of electronic publishing. ”We’ve gone into it with both feet and over our hairline,” says Richard Curtis,…Continue Reading