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People Round-Up, Early April 2019

PEOPLE Mary Ann Naples will join as VP, Publisher for Hachette Books on April 22. She was previously VP, Publisher at Disney Book Group. At JIMMY Paterson Books, T.S. Ferguson, lately Editor at Harlequin Teen/Inkyard Press, joins as Editor. Joe Davidson, lately Editor at Rizzoli, joins Black Dog & Leventhal in the same position. Annette…Continue Reading

Auf Wiedersehen: Sum’s the Word, Luxurious Bejeweled Elephants, Of Butterflies and Men

One + one = three in Dutch author and Libris Prize winner Tomas Lieske‘s new novel My Sovereign Love about an artisan of arithmetic, his love interest, and a meddling monarch. Born in The Hague in 1528, Marnix de Veer is a mathematician, architect, and instrument-maker extraordinaire. Also a dabbler in foreign languages, he catches…Continue Reading

School of Hard Knocks

Argentinian Aristocrats, More DaVinci, Writers with Good Noses As if high school reunions don’t already conjure up enough fear and trepidation, Dutch author Simone van der Vlugt (best known for her YA novels) has brought this confluence of teenage angst to a whole new level in her first foray into adult fiction with The Reunion….Continue Reading

The Real Thing

Russian Expose on Female Bombers, Germany’s 99-Euro Bestseller, and A Real Gouda Story from Holland There certainly was no shortage of politically charged books at the Frankfurt Book Fair this year, and one of the most startling of all was penned by a 23-year-old Russian journalist Yulia Yuzik, who surveys the growing number of female…Continue Reading

International Fiction Bestsellers

Cuckoo Cavaliers Three Pests in Gavron’s Mess, Down and Out in Gdansk, And Gala Rings Twice in Spain John Belushi meets the Coen brothers — or maybe the three stooges — this month as a trio of young Israelis land in New York to strike it fabulously rich but soon put the pedal to the…Continue Reading